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Unsecured Business Loans a.k.a. Merchant Cash Advance

In today's traditional lending arena,  big banks are tightening their loan guidelines. Which means the average small business is having a harder and harder time getting working capital. This can turn a potentially successful business into another failure due to the inability to get a business loan. A merchant cash advance is a fast and easy way to get working capital, without having to go through the long business loan process through a traditional bank. Many merchants find it hard to get approved for a business loan due to either poor credit or not enough years in business. A merchant cash advance works a little different than a traditional bank loan. Merchant cash advances are based on future sales and credit card receivables.
An unsecured business loan sometimes called a merchant cash advance, is when retailers are advanced a considerable amount of their future credit card sales. Case in point if a merchant processes thirty thousand in credit card sales every month, they can receive forty thousand dollars depending on the merchants credit score.  The way the merchant repays the merchant cash advance is by allowing the business cash advance provider to hold a small percentage occurring every day from the credit card sales.  This allows the cash advance lender to feel more confident in obtaining its payments.  As an alternative to a traditional loan where you make payments monthly, and the risk to the lender are greater. Which in turn allows merchant cash advance lenders to be a little loose when it comes to underwriting the cash advance.  This means the lenders can fund merchants that have only been open six months, have tax liens or even credit scores below 500.  Most traditional banks want at least two years of tax returns and a business plan. Merchant cash advances are simple and available for merchants to make use of the funding they need to help their business grow.  No matter what type of business or the position the merchants are in, merchant cash advance lenders can and will finance you.

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