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Small Business Survival and Business Cash Advance

At the end of the day every small business has one goal, survival. But with the volitional economy, mandated health care and rising hourly wages it has become survival of the fittest. Since the passing of some of the major financial institutions in the United States many banks have basically stopped lending money to small business's.


Lehman Brothers

MF Global

Fannie Mae.



A small business can only downsize until attrition and without the working capital to keep people working and product flowing many businesses fail. If all business owners could get a traditional bank business loan they would have perfect credit, lots of collateral and many years in business before they ever needed a loan. The business owner would also not be in a rush to receive his or her small business loan, since banks can take upwards of 6 months before funding a loan. So how does a small business succeed with the inability to get working capital?


 If you are a business owner and you can not get a business loan or line of credit and need working capital. You really only have a few choices:


  1. Find Co-Signers and Collateral and try to get approved through a bank.
  2. Downsize your workforce
  3. Hope for the best
  4. Get a Business Cash Advance


A Business Cash Advance

Is a purchase based on the future success of your business and approvals run as high as 90%. Unlike traditional bank loans business cash advances are based on volume and affordability, not credit and collateral. Applying for a business cash advance is relatively easy and most merchant cash advance funders only require 4 months of bank statements, a plus 450 credit score and 6 months in business.


If you need up to $2 million in working capital and need it fast contact VMC Capital at 855-388-1113 or apply online for a business cash advance at



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Nothing can increase sales like working capital. Having the funds available to carry day to day functions is a key to success!

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