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How to Protect Your Business from Social Engineering

When you're operating a small business, the last thing you need to worry about is being hacked. Money is tight, stakes are high and you're busy operating, not watching your company's online identity. Hackers are clever, inventive and persistent, which is what makes them so dangerous. "Social engineering" is the practice of complex conning, manipulating your confidence in the hacker and allowing him or her to gain system access, gather personal information or otherwise defraud you.


Awareness is the best defense against attempts to hack you or your business's identity. The better you know a hacker's way into your personal information the better you can protect it. Here are ways they're trying to infiltrate.


Cracking E-mail

It's sad to know that by simply Googling "how to hack into email" brings up an array of solutions for the average wannabe hacker. There's software, wikihow pages and blogs dedicated to the subject. Posing as the user, or email account holder, a hacker gains entry to email accounts often under Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail, accessing credit card information, passwords or chat histories. They'll blackmail by using Photoshop to manipulate conversations, hurting personal or company reputations.

Guard against by regularly changing passwords, making them tricky by using both numerals and letter, lower and uppercase.


Quid Pro Quo

Meaning "something for something" in Latin, a Quid Pro Quo scam often presents as a person calling from "tech support," calling back to address a computer issue. With persistence, the caller will find someone within a company who is having the computer problem they're calling about and will prompt that person to enter commands to install malware.

Guard against by establishing a protocol for IT communications within your organization. General rule: don't divulge any information over the phone.



Not all hack attempts are committed online. Tailgating is when a con appears to be an employee (larger companies are more at risk), following a legitimate employee through a politely held open door to a secure area.

Guard against with strict employee guidelines. Protection against fraud is in the best interest of all employees.


Even the simplest forms of phishing--mass emails with a spoofed login page--are still effective. Remember, never provide usernames and passwords through e-mail or over the phone. Guard against social engineering for the health of your business.


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