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7 Top Apps for Small Businesses

Back in 2010, Apple was granted a trademark for the phrase, "There's an App for That." As the app revolution charged ahead, the company wisely recognized that there's an app to meet just about every need. As a small business--either in start-up mode, or in full-charge--making use of apps to streamline, organize or communicate makes a lot of sense. Apps manage data and help organize the flood of new ideas; simplify the hassle of keeping records and ease the challenge of communicating across multiple mediums. Which ones should you be checking out?

We've consulted the "best" lists across the web and found apps that continuously rank high for usefulness and value.


As FaceBook is to social network, Skype is to communication. Offering video calls and group video calls, voice calls, instant messaging, screen sharing and file sharing, Skype is free and available to any device.


It's billed a "calendar with a brain." You plug in the data, and Mynd acts as your virtual personal assistant, syncing with contacts and other apps in your iOS system to help with scheduling and time management. From displaying travel time between meetings to coordinating a group meeting, Mynd has been featured nationally as a top app. Available only to Apple users, the basic features are free and premium is a paid subscription.


A virtual workspace, EverNote is the place to organize your thoughts. Write lists or lengthy documents, clip ideas from websites, capture photos and jot memos and store it all in one place. The app can transform scribbled ideas into presentable, shareable slides. Works on all devices; free basic features with premium and business accounts.


The leader in mobile point-of-sale service, Square is both a cash register in your pocket and a desktop assistant for reports and invoicing. Accept payment anywhere, anytime. You're charged 2.75% per swipe on Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Payments are deposited directly to your account.


By organizing and categorizing your spending, Mint helps you understand and make financial decisions with confidence. The Wall Street Journal calls it, "The best online tools for personal finance," ideal also for small business. Free, available for any device.


Dropbox, and especially Dropbox for Business, is a secure file sharing platform, accessible from any PC, laptop, mobile device or tablet. Upload files and pictures to access and share from anywhere. Dropbox for Business, available at $15/user/month comes with added support, admin controls and more space. Compatible with all devices.


This app is mentioned nearly across the board in reviews of business apps as one of the most useful for travelers. Send all of your travel confirmations and plans to TripIt, and it builds an all-in-one itinerary. Add maps, reviews and more, share with co-workers or family. Free for the basic platform, TripIt Pro and TripIt for Teams comes with an annual subscription. Compatible with all devices.

If you're doing anything but sleeping or showering, you likely have your smartphone in your purse or pocket, and your tablet or laptop in a nearby spot. Make them work for you with apps meant to make life easier.



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